Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Flavors

Fall  is a great time of year.  The leaves are changing colors, the air is crisp, the smell...well you know...Anyway, two of my favorite holidays take place in the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  And both  holidays are full of delicious smells and flavors.  So, I asked myself this year, how do I incorporate those smells and flavors into my cakes.  I have come up with two new flavors that I have added to my personal cookbook:  Caramel Apple Cider  and Pumpkin Gingerbread.  That's right,  both are sweet and spicy and make the whole house smell warm  and delicious.  I  have actually gone as far as building a tiered cake for Halloween (its a work in progress right now) with both these flavors!
On top of great flavors  also comes great fun!  With Halloween being just around the corner, I  am really excited to try some new techiniques out with the kids.  Here is a link to just a couple  of great Halloween ideas!  Just click on the cupcake pictures and it will take you to the Wilton site with step by step directions for each idea!

And if you are just not sure about your skills, look for a Wilton Basic Decorating course near you!  These cupcakes are all basic level and the techniques you learn in course one will allow you to easily re-create these cute ideas. (For those in the Calhoun County area, we still have spots available at Way More Than Cake.  Just Call Kristine and she will give you the details!)

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