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I know it's been a while, but it's been pretty productive. My business plan is still underway, turns out competition are popping up faster than I can keep track of and I've had to make some adjustments. I've also slowed my pace because I will be attending the Art Institute of Michigan's Culinary School. I figure this will give me the opportunity to further advance my skills and give me accreditation for those skills (I’m thinking competitive edge). In the meantime, I’m still taking orders and making incredible deserts, just on an even smaller scale.
On the marketing side of things, Exquisite is moving along. I received new marketing materials, have set up a Facebook page, and a Google site ( and even a Pinterest board (check it out at Things are definitely moving in an exciting direction. Keep checking back for more updates.

I returned to the county clerk's office this afternoon, and have an official, registered business!! Please welcome, Exquisite (Specialty Cakes & Cupcakes)!!!! YEY! Now I have to work on making sure that my logo is changed and that I have new business cards soon!

I should have filed for my DBA (doing business as) license a long time ago. Instead, I went today to do it and was told that my business name was too simialar to another local business and I would have to change my name. Talk about going back to the drawing board. I spent all day today with this on my mind, trying to come up with something else. I think I have finally settled on something, and according to the County Clerk's office, I should be able to use it. I don't want to announce anything just yet, but be on the outlook for the new name to come by the end of this week!

Let me start with telling you about my business! Inspired by my blog title, I have named the business Sweet Cream Confections. I am planning to open as a home-based, small business focusing on specialty cakes and cupcakes that offer unique flavors made from scratch and custom decorating. Operating, for now under Michigan's cottage laws with an opportunity to move into e-commerce and eventually open a store front.

Today I meet with John from MI-SBTDC to discuss my ongoing market research and business plan. I am a little frustrated with this aspect because I can't seem to find the information that I need, so hopefully this meeting will help.

This past weekend I did test market the Marshall area with a few cupcakes at the Marshall All-Elementary School Carnival and landed myself a couple slots in the online Buzz edition of the Battle Creek Enquirer. Super excited about that!

Business cards, email, logo, and invoices are all up and running, so that is a good start on office issues. I am working on cupcake naming for my specialty products currently, and working out the kinks with pricing.

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