Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trade Secrets

You know those old tricks your grandma always talks about when it comes to baking? Well, most of them work wonders! 

 Here are a few tips and secrets your grandma may have tried to tell you about and you ignored:

1.   Use applesauce instead of oil.  It produces lower fat and moisture cupcake.
2.  Natural is always better.  Next time you make a flavored cake, try using the real deal instead of an extract (lemon juice and zest can make a great lemon cake and fresh pureed raspberries do wonders to a cupcake!)
3.  Try using pudding in the mix.  Sure you can buy a mix with it already in there, but making something from scratch and adding pudding mix in can not only add flavor but  the moisture and fluffiness is almost remarkable.
4.  For a more dense cupcake, try using vanilla yogurt in place of milk, it adds a  bit of uniqueness to your recipe.

And as always, happy baking!!!  :)

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